Puyesh Tajhiz Sanat Pasargad

About Us

This company was established with the aim of industrial self-sufficiency and 
breaking the country's dependence on the import of specialized products of fiber optic networks.
At present, this company is a member of the Telecommunication Industry Syndicate of Iran and with more than
 8 years of experience in the field of design and manufacture of joints and fiber optic boxes, has the best
 production site for passive equipment and supplies equipment required for fiber optic networks in the country.

Adequate capital, reserves and expertise, a body of specialized and professional experts, the existence 
of loyal and old customers, extensive connections with the global market, scientific and accountable management
 and very good financial ratios are the indicators of the company's survival.

The subject of the company is:

The subject of the company is:

Production and supply of telecommunication and electronic equipment for fiber optic networks

After sales service for telecommunication equipment of fiber optic networks

Part of the company's executive policies in providing services:

Production of FTTH, FAT, TB, ATB, ODC boxes approved by Iran Telecommunication Company

Production of DDF Rack Mount fiber optic patch panels

Production of various earth and air fiber optic joints with different designs and capacities approved by Iran Telecommunication Company

Production of pigtails, patchwork

Supply of fiber optic splitters approved by Iran Telecommunication Company

Types of fiber optic converters (Media Converter)

Types of earthen cables, indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables

Fiber optic fusion equipment: Fujikura, Sumitomo

Fiber optic testing equipment and analyzers: EXFO, JDSU

Specialized fiber optic tools